A great number of medieval fortifications, most of them originating from the 13th century, witness about the importance of the area of Papuk, especially during the time of the invasion of the Turks.

Near the town Orahovica, stands the most ruzica12beautiful and most preserved “old citadel” – Ružca, a valuable example of the Gothic and Renaissance art in this part of Croatia.On the mountain above Ružica, are the remains of the “Stari grad” Old citadel, and above the village Drenovac, the remains of the old citadel Klak- Not far from the settlement Kamenski Vučjak is the fortified citadel Kamengrad, and north of the village Velika, there are the remains of the old citadel Velika. Nearby are also the badly remained citadel Stražeman and the citadel Pogana, close to the village Doljanovci. All these mentioned medieval citadels are on the area of the Park, and in close to the Park are other valuable monuments of the cultural and historical inheritance: the Old Citadel by Voćin, Rudine (Benedictine Abbey of St. Michael from the 12th century) the castle in Kaptol, the Cistercian monastery of St. Mary in Kutjevo and the Monastery of St. Nicolas nearby Orahovica.