The area of ​​Papuk Nature Park is protected by the Nature Protection Act, therefore we kindly ask visitors to comply with the rules of conduct, as well as to cooperate with the staff of Papuk Nature Park in order to preserve the original biological, geological and cultural values ​​of the protected area, as follows:

  • do not damage trees or bushes, pick flowers and other plants
  • do not frighten, disturb, capture, hunt or kill any animal species and do not damage the nests and cavities/dens/lairs of animals
  • do not camp, light fires and hearths, except at designated places, and to maintain order and cleanliness in the Nature Park, dispose of all waste in the designated area
  • do not pollute watercourses and springs and do not swim in lakes
  • adhere to the warning signs and follow the designated paths for personal safety
  • dogs must be kept on leash at all times
  • photographs or videos taken in the park may not be used for any commercial purposes, except with the permission of the park management
  • it is forbidden to engage in tourist, catering or commercial activities without the concession approval of the Public Institution Papuk Nature Park

The Nature Conservancy Service performs direct protection in the Park and has the power to impose a fine at the scene of a misdemeanor in cases of non-compliance with these rules established by the Ordinance on the internal order in Papuk Nature Park.

If you notice any irregularities or unwanted situations, please call 034 – 313 -030.

Dear visitors, please abide by these rules. Thank you in advance.

Park management